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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A better deal...

Years ago on one of our beach walks I saw an elderly man sitting on a wooden bench, wrapped in a blanket staring towards the sea.  I noticed a red hat with a Marine Corps emblem and I yelled " Semper Fi, Marine! " and that look in his eyes told me I was welcomed.. After some introductions I learned that he was at Iwo Jima and soon he began to speak of memories long left resting in his heart.  For a brief time I was witness to an old Marine's life and for a moment I could feel his need to share it.  To someone who understands.    Thats what that college professor so many years ago gave me...   Maybe the greatest gift one may give to another is the gift of being heard. To belong to something greater....God bless the veteran...God bless us all. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Today...42 years ago

On this day 42 years ago, I was leaving a history class at Shepherd College (now a university) and was mad as hell! Another verbal slugfest with a wannabe Vietnam war protesting college professor had just ended and his words that day changed my life.  " If you believe in the war, then go and enlist and stop evading the draft by sitting in class. " I pissed him off too, I guess.  It was a Friday night and at the local watering hole a few hours before closing time, I announced to the hanger ons that I was to enlist in the Marine Corps come Monday. A loud cheer erupted and my money was no good for the remainder of the night.  I followed through that Monday by enlisting in the Marines and was to be walking point and sleeping on hard ground by February. I guess the professor (who left for UCLA that same year) and I were both right.  He did not believe in the war and I believed in my country.  As it turns out, I think I got the best of the deal and will explain in my next post...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Its Coming!

We love the Fall and all that comes with it, yet it is the winter that follows that creates a different world. As you can see, our beach can get its share of snow. No complaints, just anticipating the spring and following through on plans to live in the RV world of full timing. No snow allowed.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aren't they Grand!

Getting ready for fulltiming requires downsizing and who better than our oldest granddaughter to help us with a yard sale. Of course, all these stuffed animals were won by her over the years playing those giant claw machines. You can't sell those memories.