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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Sunshine of My Life

Rain has let up and the sun returns later this morning. Our plan to fulltime is
years away but is getting more structured by the day...My wife has organized yard sale items and is reluctantly choosing what stays and what is being sold. Her creativity created our home where we have shared our hopes and dreams. Now the memories will reside in our hearts as each day brings us closer to our future. Other RV related writings can be seen here HERE

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

May Flowers

April showers true! Today I am researching insurance companies for coverage on the road and how to find proper care through health centers and clinics.
I would think this would be easy but I am finding that most plans are limited to the state of issue and nationwide major medical is very costly. Sorry for the boring post, but our pets have better health care at any vet nationwide...I can always tag along with them

Monday, March 29, 2010

Being in Control

Its Monday and the rain has kept me indoors. To prepare for a lifestyle change has its merit, but it is hard to compare to lifestyle changes that naturally happen as you grow older. Being in control on the way out is far more complicated than the lack of control on the way up. We want to be explorers and yet love what is familiar. I know we will find a healthy balance as we travel. Spending time with the 7 kids and almost 8 grandkids will insure the need for family is assured. We will sometimes work at the campgrounds for money and the full hook-up site. Sometimes we will just camp out west in the deserts and mountains, viewing the miracle of creation. Time is powerful and to tap that power, we will need Good Orderly Direction and all the tools that have been given. It will be great and hauling lumber will be a thing of the past....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Final Decision.

We have decided on a new travel trailer for the fulltiming years and it will surprise
some of you...its a 22 foot nomad 203 . Here is the floorplan and as you can see, there will be no waste of movement as we go from one area to another. The decision was made more for the ease of travel rather than stationary comfort. We plan on going westward through mountains and valleys of American splender and will be traveling light! I am blessed to have such a spiritual mate who desires to be closer as the years move us along....

Friday, March 26, 2010

What's the PLAN???

Well, since this morning the temps fell to 43 degrees and the winter cold is a reminder of who is in charge. One benefit of RV fulltiming is you can stay in the warmer climates whenever you choose...of course we have to retire, sell the "stuff" and load up the RV with the essentials before that can happen so all we can do is PLAN
Sometimes I think most endeavors of the sort we have contemplated (like changing our complete life and the pursuits there of)need some sort of planning, but there is the desire to just wing it and enjoy the ride...My lovely wife has a hard time on a roller coaster so any ups or downs will be avoided as much as possible. The picture you see in this post is from Assateague Island

Warm Weather

Not long now before the air warms and the desire to fly away to the vast outdoors...I have always loved camping even as a child on a dairy farm in W.Va. My campsites have gone from stacking hay bales in the hay shed to resemble a fort to crawling under a blanket that served as a tent spread between tree branches.......this served me well in Vietnam using poncho liners and mountain caves as shelter from the storm. Today, we hook up the travel trailer and take off with all the comforts of home following behind us. I am finishing a room addition for some clients and will then have some time to prepare for the upcoming is good

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New RV Blog

My wife has set up a new blog where she will write about her passion for our RV full time adventure. My purpose in having my own blog is to give Maureen something to compare to and to liven up our adventure! Here we are in 2004 on the beach at Kathyrn Abbey city park in Jacksonville, Fl and our cockerpoo "Mr. Pibbs" does not like the water!