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Monday, March 29, 2010

Being in Control

Its Monday and the rain has kept me indoors. To prepare for a lifestyle change has its merit, but it is hard to compare to lifestyle changes that naturally happen as you grow older. Being in control on the way out is far more complicated than the lack of control on the way up. We want to be explorers and yet love what is familiar. I know we will find a healthy balance as we travel. Spending time with the 7 kids and almost 8 grandkids will insure the need for family is assured. We will sometimes work at the campgrounds for money and the full hook-up site. Sometimes we will just camp out west in the deserts and mountains, viewing the miracle of creation. Time is powerful and to tap that power, we will need Good Orderly Direction and all the tools that have been given. It will be great and hauling lumber will be a thing of the past....

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