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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Old time fun

Since we have yet to leave on our RV adventure, material to fill a Travel Blog is sorely lacking...but I can have some fun with pictures.  To the right is your usual portrayal of the golden years done with whimsical flair and loving detail. A caption befitting this photo could be
"Forty years and the face hair still tickles!

This photo grabbed my attention and the meaning could be quite profound....My grandmother was born in 1896 and was one of 11 children....these hands may represent experience and hope all in one moment.  what do they mean to you?


Wanderin' said...

Love the first photo but not the second one.

Wayne and Maureen said...

You are right...I made a change.

Wanderin' said...

Now I love them both. Perhaps, the second one even more than the first! Fantastic!

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Um...pull my finger (then accompanying fart sound)

Sorry! Couldn't resist :)

Travelwithwhippets said...

LOVE the second photo especially. My grandmother was born in 1897 and lived to be 105 years old. She had traveled the world and had a wonderful life. She lived long enough to hold MY granddaughter, so this photo means a lot to me.