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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Magnolia Park Visited

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Nice boat ramp to Lake Apopka, just sitting there!
This park is beautiful and has a small campground to boot...Magnolia Park is another great city park.

Found this blue heron near the shore just surveying his domain... The lake is large and we did not see one boat .  It is strange to be at these places during weekdays but we love the solitude!

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Finally I came across this peacock sitting in a large oak.  We also saw some Sandhill Cranes near here but did'nt have the camera.

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Barry and Linda said...

Wayne there are no boats because Lake Apopka has been a 'Dead' lake for many years. A restoration project started in 1998 was followed by a massive kill, more than 450, of migrating birds in 1999. You can look it up on Wikipedia or read more here -