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Friday, March 9, 2012

Last Ride!

We rode 16 miles today and made our first stop at Chapin Station, a beautiful park near Winter Garden.

This is called the Path of Life and is a beautiful garden at the park...We are leaving for home Monday and have enjoyed the time here in Apopka, Florida.  The bike riding has taken 7 lbs off me and Maureen has lost 5 since we began.  We need to make room for Maryland crab cakes that always appear when we are home...


The Odd Essay said...

That sculpture of kids bicycling is SO exuberant... That's the way I feel when I bike and I'm sure not a kid! I envy you the crabcakes... yum!

Anonymous said...

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The Good Luck Duck said...

Those twelve pounds? Here they are!


Travels with Emma said...

Hey, I'm making crab cakes tonight for dinner. Don't think I'll make it to Maryland this year.

Snookie said...

Hi Wayne & Maureen,

I found your blog through when you answered a question about workamping in Florida. Actually, the person you responded to is a friend of mine and we're in the same park in Texas right now.

Anyway, we are fellow Delawareans and are headed to the Inlet this summer where we'll workamp at the Marina. This is our second time working for Delaware State Seashore Park as it gives us a chance to come home to see family and friends in Wilmington, Newark and New Castle.

We are fulltimers and have been on the road for the past 5 and 1/2 years.

I didn't see a contact on your blog page but would like to correspond with you through email. If you are agreeable please email me at SnookieQ "at" America On Line. I'm pretty leary of putting my address right out there as you can see.

Hope to hear from you and perhaps meeting this summer for Maryland Crab Cakes to discuss all things RV'ing.